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Hello my charming little follower. It’s the moment you might have been waiting for; a giveaway from me~ I thought it would be nice to pick up a few things from work to give out to a lucky winner from my blog. I put a lot of thought into picking these items, just for the versatility of them.

The items are as follows:
 - A Strathmore sketch paper book. 100 pages!
 - A copy of the novel Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami
 - A 25$ giftcard for Starbucks coffee
 - A bundle of PIGMA Micron pens
                - 005 | 0.20 mm
                - 01 | 0.25 mm
                - 03 | 0.35 mm
                - 05 | 0.45 mm

The winner will also get a surprise notecard made by  me and a tiny thank you gift. Before you enter, here are some of the rules that are quite necessary for this giveaway:

{1} You don’t have to follow my blog, although, it would be nice that you did. It’d be a lot easier to track.
{2} You may only entry the giveaway once. If you reblog this post more than once, it will not boost your chance in winning.
{3} Absolutely no likes. Only reblogs are allowed.

This giveaway ends on November 12th at 4pm {PST}. The lucky winner will be chosen from a random generator. Good luck to you all!

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Please vote for me!

If you have a deviantart then:

Please vote for me! All you need to do is click on the I’d wear this buttON on any of the T-shirts that I wll be uploading. This is my first T-shirt deisgn contest and I am a little nervous. I shall be uploading more as I T-shirt designs as I finish them. It would be really nice for me to win, afterall, this could help pay for another semester of college.

Also VERY IMPORTANT, If I win this contest, I shall give 5 random people the winning T-shirt design. SO if you want to win a shirt and you like the design, please vote. And good luck to everyone on the contest!


Hello Friends!

I’ve decided to hold A Super Amazing Fun Time Giveaway Extravaganza leading up to my new shop’s grand opening!

3 Lucky people will receive a set of these 20 original limited prints, each signed and numbered by the artist, me!

Entering the giveaway is as easy as pie! Just reblog this post, with all the original text, up to 3 times until May 4th! I’m not going to force you to follow my art tumblr, but it would be nice if you did. I promise it’s not all that bad <3

I will choose the 3 winners at random on Friday May 4th at 8PM PST

Good luck to everyone and I hope you have a fantastic week!

<333 Ambird

Time for some Cha-hange!

SOOOOOO…. I was thinking about how I’m going into to animation and everything. My goal was to learn everything there is to know and then BAM go to Japan and get a job in the Anime field… but sadly, I’ve come to realize that not EVERY goal is just that easy. Oh no…. it’s going to MUCH harder than that. Also, I keep limiting myself to anime and ANIME ONLY. I mean, in the field of animation I believe it is best to have a variety of skills and not just ONE. That way I’d had a better chance at getting a job in the animation field. So, therefore, I’ve decided to branch out and try to keep my original Anime-ish style; but I’m also try to Americanize it a bit. I’ve actually become quite a huge fan of the Todd Allison and Petunia Violet by Nozmo. I LOVE IT  To me that style is just beautiful. I also love anything and everything by Tim Burton and Jhonen Vasquez. ESPECIALLY those two. They are like gods to me XD So maybe my new art is might be influenced by them, but there is really no telling what I’d do. So here is to hoping I can come out with an original and fresh style of art. It may not be great… but I’m tired of hiding behind the style that I’ve done FOR YEARS and has never managed to accomplish anything else. As you’ve may have noticed too, I’m trying my hand at realism. It’s going well so far, I do believe.

Other things I would like to accomplish are things like Logo Design, T-Shirt Designs, and any other crafty things I can get my hands on :) So please be patient with me, as this week I have finals, I’m hosting a baby shower, AND a Wedding that I am actually in. Rawr! I hope no one hates me after I find my new art style. But hey! It will be something I will love and enjoy :) Please leave any questions, comments, and suggestions below :D Thank you!!!!

:) >_> XD ;) :( >_< *A*…. and any other emotion.

SO I was just a chilling in one of the computer labs yesterday (yes, this took place yesterday… just a little late on the updating). I was listening to I See Stars (amazing band if you don’t know who they are. LOVE THEM <3 <3 <3), nobody was in the lab at the moment, so I wasn’t wearing my headphones (the volume was STILL low), and this tall, dark haired lady walks in and is like “Can you please turn off your devil music”. -_- She then preceded to try and preach to me about going to hell and blah, blah, blah. I’m sorry, I’m going to burn for all eternity for listening to some F..iretrucking (XD) music. Well then… I didn’t turn off my music I just merely plugged my headphones back in. And what’s worse is that she was in the lab for I don’t know maybe five minutes… could she not deal with music (which was on low, and I See Stars don’t scream THAT much) for a few minutes… Hell, I was surprised she could hear it. Even I had some trouble hearing it -_-. Grar! People like that I just want to go and just deck in the face. I mean she coukld of just asked to turn it down. But don’t sit their and bitch at me and then tell me I’m going to burn in hell. It’s bad enough I already have ALOT of stress with my projects. Her attitude, needless to say, did NOT help it. Grr!!!!! Okay that is all my rant for the day. I should make a youtube account about RANTING. I bet it would help me get things off my chest. And who knows, maybe I can meet new people who have had similar experience such as me.

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